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so my chosen name is reallt axl. the raimi part is more or less not part of my name, but just a reference to sam raimi. i stole the name axl from axl rose because i really like guns n roses even though hes a piece of shit.
besides all I mentioned, I enjoy sfx gore, I only drink coca cola and coffee because drinking water is very hard for me and my favorite liquor is whiskey although I always enjoy a beer every now and then. I tried to smoke and i never became an addict, I smoke sometimes just to feel cool. right now I havent smoked in 4 months. what else?? I am an absurdist because I think finding meaning in life is not useless, but pointless. I strongly believe life doesn't wanrt us to find its meaning but rather dance with the lack of it. I don't like capitalism but the problem is that I also don't know what the solution to it could be. humanity is cruel and unkind so there are no good options, we should go extinct as an especies.
my favorite music artists right now are ethel cain, orville peck, arca and blondie. I enjoy indie rock, rock, pop and basically any type of music and yes, I am sure of that, I like some merzbow tracks and beethoven too. my favorite album ever might be folie a deux by fall out boy and the black parade by mcr because I had an strong emo phase. I like watching anthony fantano and bradtasteinmusic unironically. also my favorite youtubers are nexpo and schlatt. my favorite games are remember me, alice madness returns and minecraft. if you play minecraft bedrock we can play together.

I really dislike my sleep medication because too little doesn't make me sleepy and too much has me waking up like shiiiiit. I have an restrictive eating disorder and reaaaally hate the way I look. I also dislike going to the nether on minecraft and I am very afraid of the warden. I love horror movies but I seriously dislike modern ones like the conjuring because they just suck ass. I like older men too I guess?? I wish I could kiss kurt russell on the mouth. my favorite tv shows are preacher, the boys, american gods, doctor who, daredevil and you, me n the apocalypse. I kin billy butcher, the master and mad sweeney. while I long for making films I am a television student.

I dont know anymore but if you made it to here dont be afraid to add me on discord Im axl#8498

"Don't You Get It? Everybody Dies Here. It's Just A Rule. Death, Taxes, And More Death, And I Don't Pay Taxes. So, All I Know Is Death.". -ash williams

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