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hello!! my name is axl raimi, im a 20 yr old chilean agender self proclaimed timelord, cowboy and cinephile. adhd, ocd and autistic. it/he/they

I like watching movies, washing my hair, drawing, making collages, the evil dead, roleplaying, film making, chocolate and bananas, black coffee with too much sugar and overthrowing capitalism. I am an absurdist aswell. my family doesn't agree with any of the things I mentioned I like or what I am, so this is my personal space to express myself wildly. please check the links above if you wish to know more about me

not in order!! living in oblivion, blackkklansman, evil dead 1,2,3, shaun of the dead, druk, raw, cecil b demented, deathproof, inglorious basterds, julie in paris, mandy, hot fuzz, the worlds end, texas chainsaw massacre 2, the breakfast club, kill bill 1 + 2, the quick and the dead, pink flamingos, the menu, everything everywhere all at once, the descent, the fifth element, bill & ted 1+2, paris texas, beetlejuice, the matrix, scream, midsommar, spontaneous, 1917

film directors I love and take inspo from: sam raimi, edgar wright, spike lee, john waters, julia ducournau, orson welles, quentin tarantino.

film directors I hate and will kill on sight: christopher nolan, david fincher, quentin tarantino, james cameron, m. night shamalayan, james wan (I will not elaborate on any of these.)

actors I will kiss on sight: ted raimi, bruce campbell, steve buscemi, willem dafoe, oscar isaac, pedro pascal, karl urban, antony starr, charlie day, simon pegg, kurt russell, mads mikkelsen.

★★ I wrote my first blog entry, my internet manifesto. read it by clicking here!

★★ journal section added.

★★ website theme fully changed. still a work in progress




''The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.'' Albert Camus.

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